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2017 Cat Attack Rules & Regulations

Home Entry Form Rules in PDF Payback Chart

$125 Entry fee per Team
$140 Entry fee after August 4, 2017
$150 Entry fee morning of tournament

75 Team Limit

Entries may be sent by mail.1st team member on entry form will receive a confirmation by mail, so allow ample time when sending entry (at least 3 weeks prior to tournament). (Cash Only if within 2 weeks of tournament) May sign up morning of tournament (Cash Only). Boats will take off in the order they signed up. No refunds after tournament starts.


 1. All State and Federal rules will be observed. Any violation will result in immediate disqualification.
 2. Good sportsman like conduct is expected of all participants. Anyone disorderly or disruptive can be disqualified and banned from this event.
 3. Tournament hours are 7am. to 4pm. Boats must be in the water by 6:30 am.
 4. At least one member of each team must be present at the 6:30am meeting prior to take off.
 5. All teams will be assigned a sticker with their boat number that must be visibly displayed on each side of the boat.
 6. Teams must fish from boats. Teams will consist of 1 or 2 people. A 3rd person will be allowed if that person is age 65 and older or 17 and younger.
     One member of each team must be age 18 or older.
 7. All teams must have all gear in their boat at take off.
 8. No bank fishing allowed. All teams must fish from their boat. Teams can only exit their boat at the ramp. Teams can only exit their boats in an emergency
     (such as dangerous weather).
 9. There will be a live well/boat check prior to take off.
10. All teams will receive a card with their boat number on it. This card will have to be turned in by 4 pm in order to weigh your fish.
11. Life vest must be worn at take off.
12. Boundaries are anywhere reachable by boat from the South Sioux City Public Boat Ramp.
13. All tournament boats must maintain a distance of 50 yards from all boats.
14. No alcoholic beverages allowed during tournament hours.
15. There will be officials on the Missouri and Big Sioux Rivers monitoring boats.
16. A maximum of 5 fish per team will be weighed in. Blue, Channel and Flathead catfish must be a minimum length of 12 inches.
      Due to state laws teams can only weigh in 2 Flathead catfish over 30 inches and only 2 Blue catfish.
      Teams with only one person can only weigh in 1 Flathead catfish over 30 inches and 1 Blue catfish.
      No culling at ramp or at weigh in. No dead fish will be allowed to be weighed in. All fish will be released.
17. Any fish weighed in between 7am and noon will qualify for noon big fish prize. Fish weighed in cannot be replaced by another fish later in the day.
18. Fish can only be caught by rod and reel method. No foul hooked fish will be accepted. Each person can only fish with a maximum of 2 rods.
      Teams with 3 people can only fish with 4 rods total. Teams may have extra rods and reels in the boat.
19. Any legal bait may be used.
20. No jug, trot or set lines and no fishing baited holes. No chumming and no snagging.
21. Fish must be carried to weigh station in tubs or coolers with water proportionate to the size of fish. No stringers at weigh station.
22. Big fish breaks heavy stringer tie, heavy stringer breaks big fish tie, earliest to sign up breaks tie if there is a tie on heavy stringer and big fish.
23. Tournament director or any participant can protest any team before 5:00pm on the day of the tournament. If unable to resolve protest tournament director
      will appoint a 3 person committee to hear both sides and make a decision. Decision of the committee is final.
24. Tournament director, sponsors, City of South Sioux City and promoters of The Cat Attack are not responsible for deaths, injuries, damages, liability, theft
      or any loss of any kind to participants. By signing the entry form you release all promoters of all liability.
25. Any infraction of these rules and regulations can be cause for disqualification.

Additional Rules for Night Tournament:

Must have proper and legal lighting on boats.
Tournament hours are 7 pm to 8 am.
Boats must be in the water by 6:30 pm. Mandatory meeting at 6:30 pm. Weigh in at 8:00 am.

Mail Entries To:

The Cat Attack
462 Dixon Path
So. Sioux City, NE 68776