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2005 Take Off Order

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If a team or person decided to cancel there information will be crossed off.

32 teams are going to be in this tournament.

Team # Date Entered Name From Name From Name From Results
1 2005 Bill B Watts No Sioux City, SD Bill L Watts Farmington, MN
17th Place
2 2005 Darrell Carter Jefferson, SD Matthew Carter Jefferson, SD
5th Place
3 2005 Pat Carter Jefferson, SD John Shultz Vinton, IA
1st Place
4 2005 Larry Carter Sioux City, IA Mike Carter Hinton, IA
2nd Place
5 2005 Kenneth McMillan Not, Known Jim Schurman Not, Known
19th Place
6 2005 Matt Shultz Vinton, IA Chris Douglas Van Horne, IA
4th Place
7 2005 Bill Graves Not, Known Jason Ross Not, Known
20th Place
8 2005 Tom McPherson Not, Known Todd Polley Not, Known
21st Place
9 2005 Mike Gill Not, Known Gabe Gill Not, Known
22nd Place
10 2005 Roger Huss Not, Known Shawn Gill Not, Known
23rd Place
11 2005 Tyler Uthof Not, Known Ryan Kuchar Not, Known
16th Place
12 2005 Dan Gill Not, Known Tim Polley Not, Known
24th Place
13 2005 Matt Koetters Not, Known Jason Hopkins Not, Known
25th Place
14 2005 Austin Walrod Not, Known Dick Hinrichsen Not, Known
18th Place
15 2005 Kenneth Clark Not, Known Jerry Buehler Not, Known
15th Place
16 2005 Tony Hollingshead Not, Known Don Hollingshead Not, Known
11th Place
17 2005 Travis Holverson Not, Known Layne Stewart Not, Known
26th Place
18 2005 Mark Combs Not, Known Matt Ransford Not, Known
27th Place
19 2005 Clayton Huff Not, Known
7th Place
20 2005 Doug W Wagner Jefferson, SD Doug M Wagner Jefferson, SD
6th Place
21 2005 Larry Myhre Sioux City, IA Fran Myhre Sioux City, IA
10th Place
22 2005 Tim Mingo Not, Known Steve Koetters Not, Known
28th Place
23 2005 Vern Harness Not, Known James Merrill Not, Known
29th Place
24 2005 Dean Stroman Not, Known Andrew Britt Not, Known
8th Place
25 2005 Steve Sheeler Not, Known Paul Wimmer Not, Known
30th Place
26 2005 Jason Strehlow Not, Known James Strehlow Not, Known
31st Place
27 2005 Corky Lemmon Elk Point, SD Dolly Huss Jefferson, SD
3rd Place
28 2005 Mike Hanson Not, Known Bill Sweisberger Not, Known
13rd Place
29 2005 Keith Claypool Not, Known Treff DeRoin Not, Known
14th Place
30 2005 Matt Coad Not, Known Adam Harrington Not, Known
32nd Place
31 2005 Mark Oatman Not, Known Ryan Oatman Not, Known
12nd Place
32 2005 Jeff Gregg Not, Known
9th Place

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