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Big Blues are on the Their Way to Sioux City
June 27, 2009
Every year big blue catfish migrate up the Missouri River and turn back down stream when weather turns colder. Not all blues follow this pattern but many do. I believe that how many and how far they go upstream depends on temperature and water levels. I believe that the warmer the temperature is and the higher the water is the more comfortable big blues are traveling upstream.

I recall in 1995 a state record blue cat was caught on the Missouri River near Council Bluffs and just a week later the record was broke again upstream of Sioux City. There were many other blues caught that year also. That summer we had unusually high water and unusually high temperatures. Not very often do we have both high water and high temperatures but this year we have exactly that pattern unfolding. If you've been out fishing on the Missouri River near Sioux City you know what I'm talking about. Water levels are quite high and have been for some time with all the rain. The temperatures have been up there too, several days in the mid to upper 90's.

I don't think the blues are here just yet, but I would not be surprised to hear that someone caught one in the next few weeks. So spool up with some heavy line and make sure you have some good strong hooks because big blue cat are on the way.

~ Pat Carter

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