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Find Their Food and You'll Find Catfish
May 2011
Usually when I'm fishing for catfish I ask myself, if I was the biggest, baddest, meanest fish in this body of water
and Icould be anywhere I wanted to be without fear of other predators, where would I be? I would probably
answer: In a nice comfortable spot, out of the current, where I could just lie and wait for food to come to me.
Like a drop off, or a point, or some other ambush point.That's where I would position the boat and cast my line.

But even the largest catfish will eventually have to go on the hunt and that's when an angler will have to
adjust. One of the best ways to find catfish isn't to find where the biggest, baddest fish would be but try to
figure out where the smaller,more vulnerable fish might be. Like bait fish, also known as food for catfish. If
you can find what catfish are feeding on, most likely you'll find catfish.

That is exactly how Travis Carter of Elk Point, SD and Dan Foss of Onawa, IA won last years Cat Attack catfish
tournament in South Sioux NE. Last year we had extremely high water all summer which made fishing tough
on the Missouri and Big Sioux Rivers. The usual places like drop offs and points were just not paying off. So
theyconcentrated their efforts on fishing tight to the bank. Sometimes casting their bait only a foot or two
from the bank. Many times when the Missouri River is rolling high and fast, tight to the bank is the only place
fish can go to get a break from thecurrent. They had some success doing this but they just wasn't catching
thekind of fish that was going to win the tournament.

So they decided to change gears again. They started looking for weeds and small brush that were partially
submerged due to the high water. Really what they were looking for was bait fish. Shad, minnows, or any
small fish that a catfish might make meal out of will use cover like weeds or brush to hide from predators.
Find their food and we'll find catfish. That's was their thinking.

With the high water there no shortages of places like this. Again, some success but not the tournament
winning fish they were looking for. They were undeterred and knew the catfish they were looking for had
to be somewhere. Then they found one bank that was different than the rest. There were thousands of
tiny trees bunched together and submerged in the river. Looked like a great place for bait fish to hide.
They positioned the boat, cast their rods and it was game on. In a very short time they added 20 pounds
to their total weight. They were able to top second place by over 12 pounds with their catch. That just
goes to show you that it's important to keep on fighting when tournament fishing. Because sometimes
all it takes is that one good spot to win a tournament.

Catfishing on the Missouri and Big Sioux Rivers can be some of the best there is. It can also be some of the
most challenging. Winning weights of the seven years the Cat Attack has been around have varied from 26
pounds to 56 pounds. It takes a versatile fisherman to consistently do well catching catfish on these rivers.
What ever fishing conditions are this year, you can bet these versatile fishermen will be at the Cat Attack
with some of the years best catches.

The Cat Attack catfish tournament was started 2004. It has evolved from USCATS tournament that had
16 teams it's first year and has grown every year to a televised event with a 75 boat limit that attracts some
of the best fishermen in the country. At this years 8th annual Cat Attack boats will blast off from the Scenic
Park boat ramp at 7:00am in South Sioux City, NE on July 23rd. Teams can fish anywhere reachable by boat
but must be back by 4:00pm to weigh their fish. Public is invited to watch the take off and weigh in. Hy-Vee
will offer a beer garden and cook out to all at the weigh in. If unable to attend you will be able catch this
years Cat Attack on an episode of Gary Howey's Outdoorsman Adventures that will air in the Spring of 2012.
To find out more about the Cat Attack catfish tournament log onto www.thecatattack.com.

~ Pat Carter

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